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Yoga Poses Part 1 - Supine and Semi Supine

I've decided to start offering a regular series of yoga poses, which I use in my classes, to bring the tremendous benefits of yoga to as many of you as possible. Some of you are new to my site but others of you will know this is a wonderful position to aid relaxation and digestion and to lengthen.

Supine and Semi Supine Position Benefits

This is an excellent lengthening position. It allows the spine to lengthen, which enables a deeper breathing pattern. Supine and Semi Supine position releases muscles and joints and takes the pressure off the spine. All of this allows for a gentle releasing the diaphragm which in turn gives digestive relief. This is also a perfect position for settling mental activity and quietening down the mind.

How to do this position

Lie on your back with your knees bent up and your feet an equal distance from your hips. If your back is tender or in pain please rest your legs over one or two large cushions so that your legs can be heavy and supported by the ground.

Place your hands on your lower belly allowing them to be soft and the arms supported by the ground beneath you. As you exhale let your weight drop to the floor.

Follow your belly rising as you breathe in, and your belly falling back towards your spine as you breathe out. Stay in this pose for two or three minutes so that the strong muscles at the back of your waist can let go, giving the weight of your pelvis up to the ground.

I'll be writing more about the benefits of yoga both one-2-one, in groups and online over the coming week. I run weekly online yoga and online pilates sessions and monthly virtual home retreats. Please do get in touch to arrange to come along and try online sessions with me or discuss any aspect of your practise or needs in this area.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and share with anyone you feel may benefit.

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