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The Importance of Breath - A Short Introduction to Kumbhaka Breathing.

At this trying time I wanted to offer you all a breathing exercise which can soothe anxiety and stress.

Our breath, particularly during this time of uncertainty, in the midst of a pandemic, can calm us when anxious, help us focus on something, aid in relaxation to promote sleep and literally expand the capillaries of our lungs. Some doctors have been teaching Kumbhaka breathing.

The ratio is 1-3-2 so can be taught.

Breathe in for 5

Pause for 15

Breathe out for 10

BUT if the pausing feels like a strain just reduce that amount .The whole exercise, particularly the pause needs to be easeful not strainful.

So find a comfortable place perhaps lying on your back with your knees up over a chair or sofa , rest your hands on your ribs, follow your in breath for 5, pause anywhere from 8-15 that feels easeful, and breathe out for 10 through the nostrils.

Do five rounds of this and then let yourself have 5 - 10 long even steady breaths, doing nothing. Let me know how you get on or if you'd like to find out more please get in touch

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