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The Power and Importance of Touch

What a good,

and beautiful force

the immense

and wildly unappreciated

power of

human touch


Touch is a special sense and so vital to our health and wellbeing. Touch is complex, it informs us if something is sharp, or hot, can exert pressure or warn us of dangers. It is a sensation that literally helps us survive. Touch also awakes in us a sense of self, turns us to our own existence and reminds us we are alive. Touch has a vital role to play in maintaining relationships and providing comfort.

The physical isolation and immense pressures of lockdown means we have all, to a greater or lesser extent, been deprived of this basic human need for physical contact. A part of our healing process over coming months and a support for our coming to terms with a new type of normal will be allowing ourselves to not only carve out time to reflect but to nourish ourselves in self care and focus on our physical wellbeing. Touch plays a huge part in that and i am so pleased to be able to resume hands-on or "in human", as my 4.5 year old says, treatments after 12th April, all being well. Please get in touch using my contact form to make a booking with me.

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