My regular virtual home retreats are designed to help support our nervous

systems through this time of uncertainty and stress.  The benefit of an online retreat is found in the relaxed nature of the sessions which require little preparation and allow you to practise in the comfort of your own home without the stress of leaving or travelling to another place.

The cost is £40.00 for 4 hourly sessions, over 4 days . Class sizes are kept small and personal attention is given to everyone.  If you can only make some of the days that's also fine and the session cost is £10.00 

Recording and readings are sent out for you to use and home

Dates and times for my November Virtual Home Retreat are as follows.

Friday 13th November  9am-10am

Saturday 14th November 10.30am-11.30am

Sunday 15th November 10am-11am

Monday 16th November  9am-10am

At these retreats,  we focus on responding to how our bodies and minds feel at the given time we meet. We learn the importance of moving and breathing in ways that help release tension and stress and help us find stillness and resilience at this time with focus on balancing our nervous systems to support our own immune and self care.

​Please email me for details of how to book place or send payment to my Paypal  and reserve a place 

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