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Mindful Movement – The Vital Art of Observation

Learning new ways of perceiving, listening and sensing what it is we are feeling allows us to make subtle adjustments that can help release us from our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual pain. The practise of regular yoga and mindfulness can be hugely beneficial in times of stress and otherwise to promote all over Health and Wellbeing.

Observing and really allowing ourselves to feel is a very important part of our practise and deserves attention. 

The Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra offers us two great lessons about how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

1) Observation is just as important as the actual asana or pranayama practice itself.

2) Our ability to sense, see, feel what is present within ourselves is our starting point for any transformation.

In my personal and professional experience over 30 years I have learnt the value of deepening one’s attention to the subtle changes and also the benefits that can be found through observation. During my yoga sessions we spend time exploring different ways of perceiving our quality of movement, of posture and of breath.

This way profound insights can be made and invaluable skills can be learned to refine our practice.

Our practise of Yoga and Mindfulness should never become mechanical but understandably it sometimes does and, if we are able, it is helpful to explore our perceptions and deepen our connections in a very real way.

We will be focusing on the Art of Observation on my July Online Virtual Retreat and during my Online Yoga Sessions.

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