Weekly  2 hour Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) sessions over 8 weeks  this Spring  on Zoom. Full Course Content below.

Certificated weekly 2 hours Zoom sessions over 8 weeks :


Tuesday 20 April - Tuesday 8th June inclusive. 

£160.00 for 8 weeks (2 hours a week)

50% concession for those who need it. I really don't want to turn anyone away who will benefit from these classes so please email me on info@yogamassage.co.uk if you would like more information.

Try my 2 hour Zoom Taster Session for £25.00 *

*to be taken off course fees if you book full course



In this 8 week course Amy will teach a range of meditations, techniques and coping strategies to  help you deal more effectively with your psychological or physical difficulties in a new way,  enabling you to feel more content, in control and at ease. The programme lasts for 8 weeks and  each session is for 2 hours. You need to attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 sessions to gain your  certificate. Catch classes will be available (paid)  and are recommended if you miss any sessions.  

Weekly Lessons  

Week One  

What is Mindfulness and the benefits of mindfulness  

Week Two 

How our bodies work under stress, responses to stress and breathing.  

Week Three 

Mindful Movement and Stress Reduction 

Week Four 

The Neuroscience behind Mindfulness

Week Five 

The relation between stress and pain 

Prioritising, planning and pacing 

Sitting meditation 

Week Six 

Eight attitudes of Mindfulness 

Week Seven 

Mindful relationships 

Developing self-compassion 

Week Eight 

Mountain meditation 

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